when you are in an argument with someone and both of you believe you are correct. So to try and end it you say "no you're right." with little emotion and a bit of sarcasm. it might seem like your giving in but your really just saying "your stupid, shut up im right."
Henry: Man the Leafs are way better than the Red Wings they've won more cup then them.

Richard: So they haven't won a cup in over 50 years bro! And Detroit has so many all stars on their team and have won so many cup recently.

Henry: That doesn't matter, the Leaf's franchise is still better.

Richard: Dude their franchise is rubbish right now and they're almost in last like every year. Brian Burke hasn't done a fuckin thing as GM except lose and the same goes for any other coach or GM in decades.

Henry: That doesn't matter man they're better than Detroit, they have good players but they're just not playing good..

Richard: ...no you're right.

Henry: Whaat??

Richard: No you're right. Ya the Leafs are the best.

by JDyck February 03, 2011
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Something you say to somebody when you want them to shut up. If somebody is taking something too far, or being cocky, politically incorrect, or annoying, you can say, "you're right, you're right." If somebody is trying to hard to prove their point and you don't agree, you can say it.
"That boy is so ugly and annoying"- girl 1
"you're right, you're right."-girl 2 who just hooked up with that guy the night before
by jizzyphat February 13, 2015
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The woman's way of sarcastically stating that she is in fact right and you are completely wrong. Just another example of the backwards language us men cannot comprehend.
Man: Honey, I never said I would take out the trash last night.
Woman: You're right, I'm wrong.
*under her breath while walking away* You're always right...
by Withdrawl September 13, 2009
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A statement that means that you are figuratively (or in some cases quite literally) fucked. You may hear this statement after you piss someone off.
(figurative example)
Liem: You're right fucked mate
Darren: Well that ain't good

(I'm sorry I don't want to give a literal example)
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-when someone decides to end an argument with a sarcastic annoyance by saying "whatever your right im wrong"
-especially in an argument when they know that they in fact are wrong and just want to avoid looking dumb by making you seem as though you're argumentative and always try to be right
person: your so unbelievable, i know for a fact that she didnt mean it like that
chloe cason: watever, you're right im wrong. your always right. :)
--person proceeds to have no idea how to respond to that--
by JOHN DAVID HERNANDEZ October 30, 2007
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