A term used in RI (and south parts of southeastern Mass) meaning "No way", or "No Sir".
No suh!
by Jaysuskid88 August 3, 2010
to call someone a cutie or saying sup
Pablo: Yo suh suh, you looking fine as fuck

Pablo: Yo suh suh bro
by vUncle April 14, 2019
In Massachusetts/Rhode Island, 'No sir!' Used to express amazement or incredulousness.
"Dude, I ran into your Mom at Del's."

"No suh!"
by Pigpen Jen October 17, 2006
"suh" is short for "What's up?" and is used by really really really really stoned stoners that are too lazy and stoned to use whole sentences.
Dude 1: Suh dude?
Dude 2: Not much mang, just hidin' my kids and wives cause theire rapin' errbody out here.
by Huge Monster Clock April 4, 2016
Meaning short for sister; My bitch, best friend, my turn up buddy etc.
Me and my suhs stay lit
by SlimJersey January 14, 2017
"Suh" literally means "sup" but they're too lazy to pronounce the "p" part. Usually stoners and Hipsters use the term.
Carl: duuude, haven't seen you in so long, suh?

Pete: nm duude, suh with you?
by Soupysocks February 4, 2016
A southern term widely used in Alabama and Georgia as an abbreviation for the word "sister".
by Southern_belle August 8, 2014