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A spoken expression: In its original and quasi-literal form, used by prostitutes to inform interested men that they have no interest in being chatted-up or smooth talked, that the only way for sex to occur is through cash payment. The word honey is used as a metaphor for the female genitalia.

A non-spoken attitude or mindset: In its modern, derived form, an understanding or implied contract between a man and woman, stating if the man wants sex on a continued, long-term basis, he must then provide money or gifts on a similarly continued, long-term basis in exchange for the sex.
Example 1: Look baby, don't waste my time with all that smooth talk, OK? This is a money game. No money, no honey.

Example 2: Dude, I'm so tired of my high-maintenance, trophy-ass wife. I can't even get laid anymore without first promising to buy her something outrageously expensive. Just today we were getting ready to fool around when out of nowhere she tells me she wants a new Rolex. Man, I'm so sick of this 'no money, no honey' bullshit from my own wife.
by Mike2468 July 13, 2013
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