Phrase used after one inadvertently says something that sounds gay.
by EJL March 23, 2004
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An addendum to a possibly homosexual-sounding statement. Working as a "Get Out of Jail Free" card, it allows the speaker to maintain his or her heterosexual reputation no matter how homosexual the previous or forthcoming statement.
I'm coming out of the closet; I am gay, I have had gay sex numerous times, and I am moving to Massachusetts with my boyfriend to gave a gay marriage. No homo.
by Buizly October 25, 2008
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A phrase that makes you straight NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY/DO.
Idiot Male 1: I find men attractive and I love to suck cock. I also like big black dick up my asshole.
Idiot Male 2: EEEEWWWWW.
Idiot Male 1: No homo.
Idiot Male 2: Oh, Okay.
by FrigidAir July 29, 2008
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A person who doesn’t like the LGBTQ+ community.
You find gay people annoying? Geez, you’re such a Homo No No
by For the gays June 28, 2020
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A formal phrase said to bros during a seemingly gay act to clarify that said act is not gay.
Example 1:
Bro 1: Hey bro, can you shave my balls?
Bro 2: Nah bro, thats mad 'mo
Bro 1: No homo bro
Bro 2: Oh alright then

Example 2:
Bro 1: Baby, baby, baby oooooohhh
Bro 2: Bro, are you singing Justin Bieber? Thats mad 'mo bro!
Bro 1: No! No homo though.
Bro 2: Oh alright then
Bro 2: *Joins in*
by nuclearwinter February 27, 2014
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An individual who is not homosexual in anyway; they are completely heterosexual with no personal homosexual tendencies, desire, affiliation or history at all. They are different from homophobes in that they are not insecure, they do not condemn or have distain for homosexuals; rather they are personally free of any homosexually whatsoever.

There are few homo-nots in the world, it is estimated that of the 6 billion people on earth, less than a 100 people hold this prestigious and coveted title. Homo-nots are highly regarded and respected; loved by women, envied by men.
Two friends are on a bus when a friend and another man, who is a Homo-not walks in. Jennifer: "Trina did you see the way that guy was looking at jack? he might be gay"
Trina: "Him? no way, he's not gay at all, he's actually a Homo-not"
by Ziba January 15, 2009
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Something idiotic straight, white 12-year-old boys say after giving each other a high five or touching in any way. Saying no homo apparently makes everything non gay. No matter what was said or done previously, speaking this word maintains one's heterosexuality.
"I'm moving to San Francisco with my boyfriend. We just finished having gay sex and I gave him a hardcore blowjob. Our house is going to be rainbow with pink furniture. We are going to wear colorful polo shirts every day with khaki shorts and Sperrys. We're going to a gay pride parade after this. And then we're going to makeout like the flamers we are. No homo."
by hotprincebodybae June 13, 2015
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