An interjection used to counteract a statement or act that might be interpreted as expressing homosexual desires.

As of late, the word has humorously evolved to counter a statement that has even the slightest tinge of homosexuality to it.
Some of my favorites from the internet:

"...commanding the dirty funked up wah-wah guitar, lush arrangements, heartstopping strings, wailing double-tracked backing vocals and trippy backwards fx to do backflips and weave their way in and out of macked-out horns and throbbing bass grooves (no homo!) while crisp snares and reverberating bongos underline the whole experience."

And even funnier (to me):

"A quick search on froogle (no homo) pulls up 160 Gigs of external harddrive (again, no homo) for as cheap as $106."
by inktostaintreeskin October 06, 2006
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The gayest thing a straght person could say to another straight person even though what they were talking about probably wasn't even gay at all.
guy A: dude you are like a brother to me... no homo

guy B: wait what?
by jp97 May 30, 2011
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No homo prevents all gayness or bisexual allegations or sayings for example if you were to say something gay or said you’d do something that is gay or sounds gay, etc. saying the words no Homo nullifies the gayness of the certain sentence or claim
by NasTheGoat April 25, 2019
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A phrase used to either deny or imply a sexual innuendo, usually out of homophobia or simply to make something you or someone else says sound clever or humorous.
"if he doesn't like it he can kiss my ass, no homo"
person 1: "A bunch of sea men were eaten by whales in a tragic accident today."
person 2: "no homo."
by Nacho January 02, 2005
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A phrase used by people so insecure about their sexuality that they feel the need to unnecessarily reinforce their heterosexuality--usually after saying something that most people wouldn't even associate with being "gay."
Hey man, good game.
Thanks. Love you, man. No homo.
Didn't think you were, but thanks for clearing that up. Didn't care either way.

I totally like Glee, but no homo.
Wait, so watching Glee means someone's gay? And you think a two-word, slang phrase will convince people otherwise if that's true?
No, dude, that's just wait people say.
You're an idiot.
by notanidiotgirl November 09, 2010
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said after something potentially gay was said. or stating that something is not gay even though it sounds that way
1.That dude has huge calves, no homo.
2.Look at that pretty mahfucka, no homo
by ProFound November 25, 2005
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Something Komaeda says after saying something gay for Hinata
Komaeda: Hinata, fuck me
Hinata: uhm....
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