The motto most commonly used by insane suicidal maniacs. It never really works, it generally leads to dire consequences.
Idiot: No guts, no glory! *charges into no-man's-land, gets epic shot*
Smart Person: Let's not do that, I want to live.
by Mogart May 5, 2009
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This is one of the best mottos you can have! It's could be related to both physical and mentally things. It all about being brave and honest. Both with reagards to stand up for things you believe in and go for physical achivments.
You can see it's going to be tough, but: No guts No Glory! lets go for it!

No one remembers a coward so - No guts No glory!
by Stephan W11 September 30, 2006
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Standing up for yourself, even if you're scared. It takes strength and guts to stand and have a voice. The glory comes when you become fearless and rise above the haters and you've achieved your own stand.
He was teased, bullied, sequestered which made him the odd one out and he became a coward and lied. Through his experiences he had enough, he now speaks and inspires standing his ground and that is Guts before glory.
by Devenshadows August 8, 2015
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Standing up for what you believe in even when you are scared. Even if you fail, its belief in yourself to to take a stand and be proud. It takes strength to have a voice, stand for what you believe in, and honoring yourself for that. You may be weak but through a struggle, you fight through the storm. That takes courage to stand tall. Live strong, face fear, and take pride in that.
He was a coward. He finally had enough and spoke out truth even if he was scared. He put stood up for who he was, what he believed in and that is strength, bravery and Guts before Glory
by Devenshadows August 10, 2015
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