"No Cap" basically means "no lie" or "not lying". It is used when you want to tell someone you're not lying to them. People sometimes tend to use emojis, like "🚫🧒" (No Cap with emojis) as an alternative.

The term "No Cap" originated from a live streaming site called Twitch.TV, where Kapp is a popular chat emoticon on an emote extension for twitch.tv called "FrankerFaceZ". Kapp originated from a popular twitch emote called Kappa. Live streamers and their chats often use "No Kapp" to indicate they aren't lying.

Used by many popular live streamers, the phrase "No Kapp" was slowly picked up by viewers as "No Cap" and it spread all around the internet, which is why it's still sometimes used today.
Dude I just won the lottery, no cap
I slept for like 12 hours last night 🚫🧒
I make 120K a year just from live streaming, no Kapp
by Ejox November 06, 2019
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the saying β€œno cap” is used for all the wanna be hood rats. they all use this when trying to prove a point and sticking with it.
Bruh oh my god, she thick as fuck, no cap. 🚫🧒
by calling.out.people.my.thang October 23, 2019
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No ceiling; no limit; to denote anything is possible; usually in reference to seemingly impossible feats.
Anyone can make more than $5,000.00 a day, $15,000.00 a day, no cap.
via giphy
by RuiNa February 29, 2020
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A slang term often used by young people referring to not lying. Some people might say:❌🧒
by Heyyy_im_hungry April 17, 2020
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When there not lying.
Team titans go sucks balls. 🚫🧒

See, team titans go being bad is not a lie.
🚫🧒 = No cap by the way.
by noah centimeter’s gf October 03, 2019
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"I smacked up that mofo yesterday, no cap."

Person 1: "Man then she came back to my place-"
Person 2: "Hahaha Cap"
Person 1: "Naw, no cap."
by Peepeepoopooface December 23, 2019
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