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A game that was hyped way too much, then on release it was a huge fucking disappointment.
"Did you hear about that game No Man's Sky?"
"Yeah. The game is a huge lie. I wasted my money on this shit."
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by FilthyGarbageBoy August 21, 2016
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No Man's Sky is a Open world survival sandbox video game developed by Hello Games. No Man's Sky will be released on June 21, 2015 on the US, and June 24 for Europe. No Man's Sky will have over 18 Quintilion Planets to explore, and be able to seemlessly jump from planet to planet. In No Man's Sky will allow the player to make their own story. The player can either be an explorer, a trader/merchant, or a fighter. No Man's Sky will have randomly generated planets, that means that no planet is the same, every planet is unique.
No Man's Sky will be an awesome game. So pre-order your copy at local retailer.
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by The Fire Bird Explorer July 10, 2016
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