"No Homo Tho" is a term frequently used within a group of straight males to assert their heterosexual identity whenever any one of them has made a statement entailing his homosexuality. An important quality of this declaration is that it has the effect of negating/overriding any previous statement made, no matter how incriminating. Sometimes abbreviated: N.H.T
Dhruv: Wanna bang at my place later tonight?

Rohit: Sure! Let's do it.
Aditya: You guys forgot to say "No homo tho"!
Dhruv & Rohit: Oh yeah! Just to make it mutually clear! No Homo Tho!
by adistar1 October 22, 2018
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When someone does something VERY gay, then says No Homo Tho, the situation you are in becomes NON GAY
Jerry the pedo grabbed my nuts but didn't say anything.

I said, "This is really gay."
Jerry said, "No Homo Tho"
by U Anime w Weeb U June 7, 2019
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when you say some gay shit, but you not gay
joe: bruh I see you with that drop top tho.
harry: you want me to drop top?
joe: WHAT?!?!?! bruh you on that gay shit!!
harry: i said no homo tho.
joe: Aight i thought you was on that gay shit.
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When two dudes get done it is accepted to say "no homo tho" if they aren't gay
Hey man no homo tho
by ADDTAGHERE November 30, 2017
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when you say something sus 😏 between you and someone of the same gender, but both of you are straight and you say “no homo tho” for the other person not to get the wrong impression about your sexuality
bryan: bro you looking good today
alex: uhm what?
bryan: no homo tho
by indi3_l0v3r July 26, 2022
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