No taste, no swag, no style. Being white. No flavor.
Nikey: Hey man you should add some sriracha sauce to that fried rice, tastes so good!
Luke: No.
Collerns: Yo it really is delicious, you should try something new once in a while man.
Luke: No thanks.
Toeknee: such a No Flavor person
by Landing Dutchman April 05, 2015
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To add flavor to food or drink, by the addition of another ingredient.
Every so often I'll purchase some flavored coffee beans at the market, and grind them in my little blender. Then add some to my regular coffee can, hence flavorize my average coffee day with a special additive, whilst also economizing with my budget.
by B. Schmidt December 07, 2008
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Flavor is ones style, swag, Apearence, and uniqueness it is very very atractive!
"I got a Gucci bucket hat, gucci tee,gucci jeans wit the gucci shoe's what! I got flavor"
by Mr futureristic swag May 11, 2009
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Your taste in women/men.
What's your flavor, baby?
by Carlito October 06, 2004
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Flavor: (adj)
To describe your taste in a person at that present time.
To use someone for your personal satisfation at the present time, only temporary fun.
Sometimes ref: as a "Flavor of the month" like ice cream. Good but doesn't last long, not that you want it to either.
Sue: Kathy What happend to your boyfriend Rob?
Kathy: Rob wasn't my boyfriend he was a flavor, he had a boat.
by Katsinthehouse November 20, 2007
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Anything that is favorable of your taste.
Q:"Do you do drugs?"
A:"Nah, it's not my flavor."


"That awesome party was definately my flavor."
by Katy L January 13, 2006
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