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This was a phrase said back in the early mid 90s as a game. If someone messed up something that they would normally try to play off or correct they would have to say "Fifty." If someone else said "No Fifty" before the person said "Fifty" you would get to take your hand and swipe it really hard across the back of their neck giving them an Indian Rug burn if you will (one swipe with a lot of pressure to create friction so that it hurts). Another common form is saying the phrase "No take backs". {Used in the Maryland area.. don't know about other areas}
John: Ah dude 2+2 = 5
Bob: No Fifty
John: Crap
Bob swipes hand across the back of John's neck.
by Elexsor October 22, 2008
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when in convo...ah nigga be wrong...use after the person is wrong in a sentence (DC word)
by Anonymous October 22, 2003
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