When you finally find a second woman to join a couple in bed, but this woman is only into other women and doesn't want dick anywhere near her.
When unicorn hunting, beware of true lesbians. You will just end up with a diet threesome.
by User G8477 September 10, 2021
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some stupid meme that makes no sense
this is the stupidest meme
whats the meme
"diet water"
oh wow thats stupid
by man im dead August 24, 2020
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Someone who has been on a diet for only a couple of days but already craves fattening foods like a zombie craves brains. Usually attacks the fridge in a zombie-like manner.
I'm already becoming a diet zombie. BRRROOOOWWWWNNNNIIIIEEEEESSSSS!
by Kanna-Chan May 27, 2015
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A lifestyle comprised primarily of donuts and alcohol, partaken in by those of an obese nature, not unlike the character Chief Wiggum from the popular TV series The Simpsons.
Hey girl, you pretty fat. You on The Chief Wiggum Diet?
by TheChadiestChad December 19, 2020
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a diet consisting of peanut butter, bread, and water. made for people who have no time to eat, want to be thin, or have the last name of Doege.
person 1: whoa! you've lost some weight!
person 2: yeah well, with my schoolwork i have no time to eat, so i went on the doege diet and since then ive lost 300 pounds!
by princess.duh. September 11, 2011
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When someone take prescription uppers in the morning and prescription downers of a night.
Person 1: Man, he’s so energetic and productive during the day!
Person 2: Yeah, he’s on the Elvis Diet, uppers in the morning and downers at night so he can sleep.
by Crash1925 August 27, 2021
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When one lives on one large bag of minstrels and water everyday.
Fatty : Hey i'm on the minstrel diet
Extreme Fatty: It didnt work for me.
Skinny: It worked for me
by Fabsta. August 9, 2008
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