A deliberative assembly made up of members who use parliamentary procedure to make decisions. First used in the Holy Roman Empire in the 8th century and still used in some countries today, such as Japan.
Diet of Japan enacts controversial state secrets bill.
by Luke B February 19, 2014
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1. It takes everything.
1. What happened to your dignity? The Diet took it from me last night.
by RowdyRandy November 09, 2008
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to vomit with with the intent of losing weight. Also used ironically, to describe any form of throwing up (i.e. drunken, nauseous, etc.)
That steak was so huge I need to go the the bathroom and diet. I partied so hard last night I dieted, like, three times.
by Sammy C. July 07, 2006
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when the lines at weight watchers are backed up and everyone starts to get angry. Also the secret of ONKA.
"C'mon already!! I want to get out of here so I can eat this box of 2 point bars I just bought!! Let's diet riot and start being obnoxious !"
by Absolom24 January 01, 2014
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This diet involves eating primal raw meat just like a lion. Mostly from ruminant animals. It was invented by public figure Sv3rige. Sv3rige is very smart.
I eat carnivore diet because of Sv3rige who is very smart.
by MikeTheIncel June 01, 2021
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A person who does the complete opposite of diet.
Hey John! Starting tomorrow, I'll take your advice to go on a seafood diet. Every food I will "see", I will eat.
by robin_zib July 29, 2010
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