When you're wasted and you realize you're fucking an ugly bitch so you cum in her eyes while yelling ninja smoke and run out of the place.
I realized I was fucking some ugly ass hoe so I had to ninja smoke her and got my ass out of there.
by Vaddagw September 27, 2020
When you remove someone else's laundry from the machine and replace it with your own laundry, while avoiding detection by the other party
Someone left their clothes in the dryer for hours, so I had to go laundry ninja on their shit.
by failureinfractal February 25, 2014
Dastardly handsome, very talented individual who takes on tons more than meets the eye. A person who is very skilled at a great many things which most abilities are unknown. Although the skill level is very high, this often blinds the individual to certain cues. Deep down, there is a longing to be known for who he truly is. A silent scream to be heard as a person.
At first I didn’t buy into Jordan The Ninja being a real ninja. But alas, I have discovered that you can never really know him unless you know him not. He really is Jordan The Ninja
by JordanTheNinja November 23, 2021