A special person dressed in a black outfit with only their eyes showing. They are very good with literature and are best known for their role in the religious society as priests
my friend is a ninja" "fo' realz? can they help me with my english paper?
by Mdiggy the deaf girl December 17, 2010
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A slang term, made famous by the rap group the Insane Clown Posse, meaning Homie, or freind
Juggalo 1: What up, Ninja?
Juggalo 2: Not Much,Homie, Got some Faygo?
by Matt Stegall June 19, 2007
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teenage mutant turtles trained by their giant rat master
ninjas are turtles as well as mammals
by Raphael April 01, 2003
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1.Derived from the Japanese words for person (nin) and temple(ja) respectively, "ninja" as a noun refers to the sweetest being in the universe. Purpose of the ninja is to flip out and kill people, but his time is equally spent mackin' on hot babes and wailing on guitars.

2.Ryu Hayabusa

a:The quality of being pumped-up or bearing resemblance to the actions of a ninja.

v:To perform ninja-like actions, such as cutting the head off of three guys at once.

Exclamation: Shout of surprise used when either
1: about to be assasinated by a ninja,
2: performing a ninja action
n1:Ninjas are totally sweet.

n2:Ninja Gaiden, I love that game! Oh, ninja...

a:Did you see that guy uppercut the kid through the window? That was ninja!

v:Oh man, Dante ninjaed those demons with that guitar!

by therone March 29, 2005
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adj. something extremely badass (often in a stealthy way)
Dave: You stole your dad's car and had sex with your girlfriend in the backseat and made it home before he woke up for work the next morning?! Dude, that is totally ninja!
by fauxamis April 15, 2006
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