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A parody of the 2008 song "In The Ayer" by Flo Rida made by youtube sensation Nigahiga.
Chorus (x2)
You can't see me
I'm blending in just like a pine tree
I am unseen, You can't see me cuz
I'm a ninja, nin, ninja, ninja, nin, ninja.

Verse 1
Hey, can't see me
Am I a bird or am I a tree?
What's flying so high in the ayer (ayer)?
I'm a ninja don't stare (stare)
Fast like the witch is Blair (Blair)
I bet you don't even care
Here I go, there I go, this is my song
Being ninja you gotta be strong
Most of us found in Hong Kong
Where is my automobile now Dong?
Catching everything with my chopstick
Making loud noises with every hit
Moving unseen so fast so quick
I bet you wish you had all my ninja tricks
Be a Ninja like me
Just watch me now and you will see!

Chorus (x2)

Verse 2
Hey were dressed in black
Just like emos except for the fact
We don't stab ourselves, we stab your back
Its just our way to sneak attack
We see you coming cuz we have wall hacks
Don't come near us or we'll give you slap
And no sense in running cuz we set up a trap.
Here comes the slow motion... C C C CRAP!
Run like me
Hide like me
Don't forget your fatality
Dance like a ninja in the club
Even though you'll look just like a scrub
Watch this vid learn something rare (rare)
This move looks like a square (square)
Just throw your hands in the air (air)
Follow me, do the Ninja Glare!

Chorus (x2)
by Bhai-Saab November 15, 2009
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