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The alternate name of the fanbase and territory of the San Francisco 49ers. The original being the 49er Faithful. The origins are believed to be inspired by John Madden once calling the 49er dynasty of the 80's "the Holy Roman Empire of the NFL." SF Bay Area writers also referred to the 49ers fans as "the Niner Empire" to oppose the Raider Nation. The Niner Empire name was adopted by a group of diehard Northern California fans during the down years of the mid 2000's, and has grown in popularity since its' inception. It is made up of various factions of fans from all over the US, and even worldwide. Demographically, it is all encompassing, though one thing remains the same: they are all fiercely loyal to the 49ers, known for their predilection towards rowdiness and general belligerency, especially to rivals teams and fans.
The stereotype of San Francisco fans being soft, wine 'n cheese snobs has been destroyed by the Niner Empire, the loyal, proud, and hostile fans of the 49ers.

Only the most diehard, faithful 49ers fans may call themselves part of the Niner Empire.
by FatalDave December 31, 2012
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A group of the most rabid, extreme, and hostile fans of the San Francisco 49ers. Along with having a massive number of followers, the members of the Niner Empire are very aggressive, and vocally abusive to opposing fans, and debunk the myth that all 49er fans are wine-and-cheese fans. Home base is Candlestick Park, where they gather at every 49er home game. The Niner Empire is also made up of many different smaller factions, including fans from all over the nation and even world. There are Niner Empire groups from L.A., San Diego, Arizona, Washington, Minnesota, and many others, including the core Bay Area group, that founded it.
The Niner Empire is always out in full force in fierce loyalty known only to the 49ers. Rival fans like wussy, bitch ass Raider fans, and gay ass Cryboys aren't welcome near The Stick, and will be taunted, yelled at, and have things thrown at them for being gay. Seahawks and Rams suck ballz too. THE NINER EMPIRE-EXTREME AND HOSTILE.
by SFforlife January 07, 2008
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