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A 2008 family adventure movie about an 11-year old girl
(Abigail Breslin) who lives with her father (voluntarily)(Gerard Butler) on an uncharted island, a la ("Swiss Family Robinson","Gilligan's Island", or "Robinson Crusoe", except Gilligan's characteras are shipwrecked, not forever on an island out of their own volition). Based on a book by author Wendy Orr, it tells of her seafaring daddy, and her hero, "male" author Alex Rover (Jodie Foster, a child star earlier in her own right and who deserves credit for recomending Jodie's star billing!), who's actually a female (as Jodie Foster's mention above should explain!). Gerard Butler, continuing a la Hilary Swank's 2007 "P.S.I Love You" a fantasy role, doubles as the fictional Alex Rover. (An Indiana Jones like adventurer.0

You'll have to watch the rest yourself. Released on April 11, '08. From both Twentieth-Century Fox and Walden Media, which has given us many family films in the last five or so years. Somewhat of a cross between the above island films, and many child themed adventures.
I saw 'Nim's Island'. Very good movie, and should be shown next time I go on the Princess Cruise to Hawaii!! Not to have that in a tropical themed movie program is a crime!
by ESSJAY October 04, 2010
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