the juice that comes out of a nigger, when you shoot him, stab him, cut off his finger, arm, or leg.

Something very common in nigger cultures
Dude, did you see that? Cops breaking into the place, shooting and all, splashing the nigga juice against the walls!
by Fukaface! January 21, 2011
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A black man's cum. A black man ejaculating into a woman's vagina. A black man having unprotected sex /oral sex with a woman.
if a black man tells a woman "Let me give you some nigga juice. " This means that he wants to have unprotected sex, or sex without a condom.
by Mr. BLACK September 09, 2015
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1. Tire shine!

2. ArmorAll, Black Magic, Turtle Wax or any other popular brand of spray, gel, or foam that makes the tires on your car look super-wet and drippin' all the time.
Mayyyyn, u seen dat dunk ride by on dem fresh ass 28s??!!? Ol boy had dem tires nigga juiced da fuck up!!!
by Dem Dudes October 25, 2007
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