Nig Nog, the politically correct term for a sheisty black person, rather than the discriminatory term "nigger".
by 09connollyp January 09, 2012
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The new holiday beverage sweeping ghettos across the nation. Also comes pre-mixed with malt liquor.
Nig Nog! It's nog for your nigs dawg!
by fBuUcTkLiEnRg November 21, 2009
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This phrase has absolutely _no_ racial dimension, despite appearances. It is a Northern British (e.g. Yorkshire) term referring to a silly person. It does not derive from nigger and should not be considered racist at all.
Tha cawn't even spell thi own name -th'art a bluddy nig-nog
by Christopher P Martin June 19, 2006
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A derogatory term for a person of black african decent. Someone who has nappy hair black, Mexican, Asian, or white. Derived from the words nigger and nogin. Adjective or noun
Hey those fucking nignog kids stole my kids bike for the tenth time this week.
by Big Ben 79 October 22, 2005
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a black; any human with BLACK skin; a blackie; a nigger
Dremonte: Excuse me, Willis, are you a uhhhhh ya know, a black?
Willis: Yes, Dremonte, I am a nig nog. **pow pow**

R.I.P. Dremonte Williams 08
by IamDaryl April 18, 2010
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A drink consisting of fried chicken, grape soda, and watermelon to be drank around the holiday season, but only by blacks.
Tyrese: Yo, Monique you got your famous nignog made yet.

Monique: Ya nigga, just hold on I'll get you a glass.
by cowpunch09 December 22, 2009
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