extremely hawt and sexay girl with beautiful eyes and a lengthy skinny body. also not to mention nice legs
hey did u see that nicole goh there?
by asdfghjklasdfghjkldd3wd April 28, 2013
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Absolute perfection. Bassist for Panic! At The Disco. Everyone just kinda wants to marry her. Absolutely jealous of how stunning she is. 10/10 would let her throw me off a cliff.
Nicole Row? I think you mean the queen of bass!
by Nicolesrow May 19, 2019
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An absolute snack. Turned almost the Panic! fandom bisexual because she is just an absolute goddess. Would definitely let her crush me with her boots!
Nicole Row made me like girls.
by Nicolesrow May 19, 2019
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The most beautiful, cutest, sweetest, hottest, loving, underrated, most talented human in the whole entire universe! Nicole Scherzinger is the definition of perfect :)
I love Nicole Scherzinger so much <3
by _nicolescherzyfan June 17, 2021
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Nicole-senpai is the best senpai you could have.
Nicole-senpai is the best
by jessey SNiPE NL May 13, 2015
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Getting so drunk you begin to take all your clothes off while throwing up.
"Why's that girl topless in the bathroom?"

"Oh, she's just puking… she's Nicole Wasted!"
by drunknicole January 22, 2012
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Beautiful, and loyal. People with the name Shawna Nicole tend to be very loving and kind. But watch out they can have a temper if you cross them the wrong way.
Shawna Nicole has a beautiful soul. loyalshytemper
by Beautiful Loner December 18, 2016
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