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When carpooling, Nick's Law states that the driver scheduled on a short week (ie. 4-day week due to a holiday) can take vacation, but still claim the week. Individual days should be covered by other carpoolers, and paid back by the individual on vacation at a later date.
Next week is only a 4-day week due to Independence day. I'm on vacation next week, but it's my week to drive for the carpool. Rather than trading the whole week, I'm going to sell of the days using Nick's Law, so that I don't lose my 4-day week opportunity.
by Ralf Ralph November 09, 2018
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If you can't take care of your fish, then you shouldn't have a baby
Nick: I had 10 fish, now I have two left
Emily: Well then according to nick's law ,you shouldn't have kids.
by Apolloslyre44 April 18, 2014
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