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The ancient sport of gay Knights, whilst wearing only their cast iron helmets, the "Knights of the Brown Circle" would canter towards each other, "Nibb's" (Penis) out and joust against another using thier Nibbs instead of Lances. The losing jouster would salute his victor by parading his arse cheeks ready for invasion.

In more recent times this game has been played by "Gay Knight" wannabees, usually to the music of "Black Beauty" the 1984 GG's (Gay Games) the "Nibb-Jousting" final was played out between Tarquin Cockman and Marco Lockoss.....after numerous "canters" and frequent "penis passes" the competetion was decided with a game of "Space Docking" (see urban dictionary for "Space Docking")
by Dusty_UK July 02, 2004
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