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A Niall pile is a process carried out by users of powder based drugs, such as stimulants.
A niall pile may refer to the act of pouring the powder out of a clear sealable plastic bag, (known as a "Baggie") into the small space between your thumb and first finger. It can also be placed onto any surface and snorted straight off it.
The user will then procede to put their nose next to the powder and inhale through one nostril deeply, using as what some may know as a Snooter (Small cylndrical snorting device).
If the "Snoot" has been succesful, the user should feel a deep rushing feeling and will be overwhelmed with euphoria and empathy. They may also often say phrases such as "I love you mate" or "Your my best friend" to people they have never met, all as a result of a niall pile.
The piles have no standard size and can be used on any surface making them a very quick and sociable form of taking drugs.
Person 1 : Dude i've got no card to rack up this fatty line,

Person 2: Relax, Just have a niall pile
by ONEBELT. February 05, 2011
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