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"Newport Pagnell is a modern thriving market town situated in the North East of Buckinghamshire. The history of the area dates back to the Iron Age and the town itself is from the Roman period." says the Town Council.

The town is built around the connection of two rivers: the Ouzel (also known as Lovat) which comes up from Leighton Buzzard and the Ouse which omes up from Buckingham. Once joined the Ouse goes on to Olney and Bedford.

The town was part of Buckinghamshire until 1974 when the government created the new borough of Milton Keynes. Newport Pagnell remains outside Milton Keynes} and cermonially still part of the old county of Buckinghamshire, so it is both within and without Milton keynes depending on exactly what you mean.

As at 2010 there is still some green belt between the town and Milton Keynes but that is shrinking.

Newport Pagnell is probably most famous for:

a) Being the place Aston Martin built their luxury sports cars (there is still a service centre left, although the factory has gone)
b) Tickford Bridge, over the River Ouzel (or Lovat), was built in 1810 and is the only iron bridge in Britain that still carries main road traffic and is the oldest iron bridge in the world that is still in constant use.

c) being the original end point of Britain's first Motorway the M1 where the motorway services still stand.

The Town football team are nicknamed the Swans, after the county symbol for Buckinghamshire.
Newport Pagnell is the best of the old towns that were absorbed into Milton Keynes.
by PaggyBoy December 03, 2010
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Town in North Buckinghamshire .Bit of a shit hole really ,virtually engulfed by Milton Keynes. Once made Taylors mustard there , dont any more. Once made Aston Martins there dont any more. Home of Ousedale school. Probably most famous for its service station junction 14 M1.
And i got confused i killed a nun . Is it really so strange . I lost my bag in Newport Pagnell. by Morrissey

Dad is it alright if we pull off at Newport Pagnell I need a shit. by unknown child in back of car on M1
by DockerKnight October 29, 2008
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