country with a lot of hills, sheep, fruit, and a ridiculously small military.
eventually i plan to go to new zealand and drive around on curvy roads on pocket bikes.
by teevee June 09, 2003
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woah... new zealand is a great country! heaps of aussies love new zealand i don't know why people think we hate new zealand i think it is a beautiful country. infact, i have actually never come accross a person in australia who has shown hatred towards nz. actually, more people in new zealand have a hatred towards australia because they think we have a hatred towards new zealand.

so chill out dude! you would be lucky to come accross someone who disliked nz. i think nz rocks.
Heaps of polls have been done about australias favourite country and heres one with the results:

New zealand (93%)
England (4%)
France (2%)
Japan (0.8%)
America (0.2%)
by sarah-3-2321 June 11, 2006
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A girl who is far too sexy to be picked up without a foreign accent. In this case a New Zealand (or Austrailian) accent is required. Once the bomb is dropped she proceeds to allow the accent sporting gentleman to do anything they want to her, including fingering her to orgasm on the dancefloor.
"yo, sean, i got this crazy ass story for you...." (story preceeds to descibe New Zealand)
by Ben Galbraith January 08, 2006
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A small country 2200km from Australia, it is made up of two relitvaly large islands that are split by a narrow channel. The inhabitants of this island seem to have a deep seated hatred for Australians (C'mon Kiwis, we all ANZAC's here, craka please.), possibly because Australia seems to have claimed Russel crowe as their own.
I don't think all New zealanders shag sheep or say Fush and chups, but watch me quickly pull out these things when we verse em' at footy.
by Aussie April 09, 2005
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New Zealand is a pretty awesome country. Why is Australia being mentioned so much when these definitions are about NZ? *confused*

I guess it's because we're close, yes that's right... we are close enough that we might as well join together to be one country {If it wasn't for you people getting really crazy over what country is better}

Both Australia and New Zealand have their good point and their bad points :)
So chill, people-

PS- Sheep Sex? That's just wrong... beastiality is so wrong...

--New Zealand and Australia would both be stronger if the people of both contries worked together--
by Eden May 26, 2005
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A pretty cool country, I don't see why Australians diss New Zealander and why New Zealanders diss Australians. I'm Australian and our countrys are so close can't we just get along? p.s. New Zealander's don't fuck sheep and Tasmainian's (state in Australia) aren't inbred who ever say this can go fuck themselves.
just like anonymous said before me ANZACs FOR LIFE
by FTSI February 15, 2005
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