The best state in the U.S. Even though most people hate on N.J., it has the best corn and tomatoes, among other things. New Jersey is also famous for Bon Jovi, Redman, Queen Latifah, Naughty By Nature, Bruce Springstein, and many others.
Place where are all of the major casinos are located on the East Coast.
by New Jerseyite August 19, 2004
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New Jersey is the realist state on earth, we dont have fake TV shows like California. Nj smells like... Trees. We have awesome beaches and rolling hills. Everything in jersey rocks. and the only people that disagree have never been here, or have only been near obnoxious New York. We are the 6th richest state, and somerset is the RICHEST county in america.

Yes Nj is the best state.. and anyone who disagree's can come kiss my ass
mmhm. That New Jersey Beach is awesome
by SexyBrad2 September 20, 2005
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I am so sick of assholes from other states putting New Jersey down. Jersey is awesome and everyone else is simply jealous and/or ignorant. Sure, as you get closer to NYC there are many factories, but there is more to NJ than some damn factories! Try looking up north near High Point where there are farms as far as the eye can see. Try looking at Mendham where some of the richest people in the country trot around. Try looking down south at Cape May, a beautiful town along the ocean filled with Victorian homes. The only place you will see big-haired women and people who say "joisey" is in the frickin movies. And as for our driving...please stop giving us crap because you can't handle your car. NJ rocks and that's that, all the other states should just give up. P.S. if you want to visit a real armpit of a state go to PA. The people here are grammatically challenged (Pennsylvania Dutch?), have shitty food (chicken and waffles?), and are the most incompetent drivers I have ever come across. Long live NJ!
New Jersey is the Best Fucking State....EVER!
by C.B. October 11, 2005
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the best state on the east coast man

the state where the most awesome people are, the beach, and the best entertainment...well at least thats what toms river has.....
Nc is soooooo boring...take me back to new jersey
by mandy son May 03, 2006
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New Jersey, what's not to like? Most people that put down Jersey havent even stepped foot in the state, so f' them, there opinions don't mean a damn thing. Yeah "yo" is a great attention getter and we say it all the time, is that such a bad thing? At least we aren't going around say "hey ya'll" or "quit being so gnarly dude!" No we aren't all italian, and no not all of us live like the saprano's. most of the people that act like that werent even born and raised in jersey, they are usually from new york. they only moved here because its safer. yeah newark and camden are mad dangerous at night, but no just because you drive through there doesnt mean you will get shot. just dont stare at people on the streets and act like a dumbass. and no not all of us live off the parkway so quit "what exit are you from" most people dont even refer to exits. we dont call it the beach its the shore, and half the time we only go down there to party. we know exactally where to get alcohol illegally and we arent stupid enough to use a fake idea, just chalk your age you asshole. if you dont drive fast and agressivly, then you dont belong here. if you think jersey smells then i suggest you either stay out or shut your mouth before we take a bat to your head. none of us say "joisey" if anything its more "jerrrrze." every good night ive had ended at a diner at 4am for breakfast after a good night of partying, which always ends with a fight. f' you im from jersey and i love it.
dickwad: hahahaha you said "water" messed up. its because your from "joisey!"
me: yo im from new jersey, would you like a bagel up your ass dickwad?
by irishJERSEYgirrlFURREALLL September 02, 2006
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