A great state to have a "summer place". New Hampshire is a haven for the wealthy to hide from tax obligations. In order to live in NH and have children who speak in a polysyllabic fashion you have to live in a moneyed town or send them to a private school. New Hamphire educational funding has nothing to do with equity of opportunity (research the Claremont debacle). If you are white, rich, and don't give a damn about the "lower class" (those who clear less than $100,000 a year)then welcome aboard! If you don't qualify for the "club" please don't put yourself or your children through the humiliation of trying to scratch out a living here.
"I truly enjoy New Hampshire, don't you Lovey? However, I believe that I saw someone whose skin is darker than a brown paper bag in our gated community. Have the help call in the state police and the National Guard."
by twinstates September 16, 2006
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Yeah NH's pretty... pretty dull, pretty boring, pretty depressing, pretty cold, pretty much not worth living in.
New Hampshire is boring boring boring boring and depressing.
by SeaninNH January 19, 2007
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an industrial state full of grouchy, but highly independent minded people
the grouchy factory worker in new hampshire said live free or die
by StatesDude March 31, 2004
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A politically-correct alternative to No Homo. It is meant to be used when you're out in public so homothugs don't attack you.
I'm a really big fan of Robin Thicke. New Hampshire.
by Marvin Mangiz February 23, 2009
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One of the most interesting states in the nation, where just about everything is legal and everyone who isn't white gets pulled over and beaten the moment they cross the border. The weather sucks, but it looks nice in the summer time and not having sales tax is nice as well. Unfortunately, the smart people don't live in New Hampshire, but in the surrounding states near the borders and drive into New Hampshire to shop and return home to live in more affordable areas. It's got some pretty sick roads, which are unfortunately polluted by residents not knowing how to drive their Subarus, see also maine. Overall, one of those states that looks nice in a book or magazine, but you'd never want to visit.
Guy 1-New Hampshire sure is nice in the fall

Guy 2-Whats a New Hampshire?
by SpewingChunks August 14, 2005
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The heart of New England.INhabited by all kinds...Due to the the styles of the historicle old european housing is typicle to meet Vampires of older generations.

City life more plentiful then beaches a great all around place none the less. Though the Inbread population is slightly higher than lots of other urban areas the people are of a wide assortment more Spanish than African decendents.

This state is a cross between European establishment and Irish Government well centered and highly political theres no wonder why the winters can be cold and very long.

Known for skiing and dieing leaves(foliage)its a great tourist atraction and a PERFECT place to purchase and sell real real estate.

High in the mountains building space highly marketable due to views a 5% rural increase in Medium North to Northern New Hampshire whould no doubt domino effect the state.

Presently lacking factory work due to china jobs aren't as abundent as in the past.

New Hampshire....Perfect for everyone!

Center of the Machine.


by Eriw October 27, 2007
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The worst possible state in the country. No one has heard of it. It has long, cold, boring winters and a miniscule summer, if you blink, you miss it. We have about two actually famous people from here, the rest are has-beens and soap stars. If you want to vacation, don't come here. If your a leaf peeper, go to Mass, at least they have Boston. I truly is the epitome of a sucky state.
Guy 1: I'm from New Hampshire
Guy 2: Is that in Canada?
Guy 1: No, Its a state
Guy 2: Oh one of the small ones.
Guy 1: Yeah..
Guy 2: Sucks to be you.
by Bubzy17 January 05, 2011
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