Home of the "Gang", a group of Juniors who feel the need to talk so loud that the entire lounge hears. While speaking to their friend who is 2 feet away from them, they tend to shout and look around the lounge to make sure people are looking at them and to see who is listening. Most of time people are looking, only not out of envy, which they think people are, but more-so thinking to themselves "would they please shut up?". They also feel the need to shout about their drunken/coke-infested/high weekends, thinking that no one else does these "rebellious" things. Well, we're all laughing sooooo hard right now! We <3 the gang!
"OMG do you remember falling off the chair when you were SO DRUNK on friday?!"
"ahaha no, i fell off the chair?!?" (this all being 2 feet away from each other, shouting, so everyone else hears)
by tori spelling!!! April 24, 2005
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ways we can tell that "Punk" is from Norwalk...
1. This person can't spell words like "fund raisers" or "benefit"
2."Punk" has to make fun of the fact that our homes our expensive. But he did'nt mention that our home are about 6 times the size of his house.

So "Punk" why dont you log off your windows 95 computer, and come over to my 3 million dollar house and pull my fucking weeds, you poor piece of shit.
Kids from Norwalk should be banned from using this site.
by Brendan Mceneany April 13, 2005
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EVERYONE says ohhhhh New Canaan people have nothing better to do then drive around in their porches but honestly, New Canaan might be wealthy but were just as nice as people in Stamford or Norwalk or Wilton you name it... and sure teenagers might drink but that happens everywhere! id like to say comment 28 was untrue and offensive. one of my friends actually has a half basket ball court inside her house, but other friends have normal houses just like anyone else in most of the world... i live in New Canaan and I'm not un thankful or anything I'm more than happy i live where i live but i just wish New Canaan didn't get judged as the rich town or people didn't get judged as snotty millionaires.
"oh New Canaan is so rich! I'm happy i don't live there because if i did id be snotty like the other kids that live there"

really! please don't judge by the money were just like you guys...
by lizzy4361 June 29, 2012
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tori spelling, stop writing about the gang, everyone gets it, they're loud, if they piss you off go talk to them in person.
omg the gang was so loud today im gonna go home and write about it on urbandictionary.com
by a junior April 27, 2005
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Home of 'The Gang', a group of juniors. This group has managed to cause every student at New Canaan High School the desire to kill themselves upon hearing the phrase "soo funny" one more time. The use of similar phrases, such as "soo mean", "don't know what to do with myself","this is me laughing", or "laughing so hard right now" also have the same effect on members of the student body who unfortunately sit close enough to the junior side of the lounge to hear these much-hated words.
"Why is New Canaan SO funny. I am laughing so hard right now."
by herewegoroms April 03, 2005
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whoever wrote number 5 is the man, it was prob some unrisque senior who cant compete with the cool sophs, so sit down.
am i not a risque kid???
by risky April 04, 2005
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stupidest fucking town on the face of this earth
full of a bunch of faggot ass rich kids who think they are better then everyone and only talk shit about each other
BEAT WILTON? - a saying the "cool kids" use to try and prove they are bigger alcoholics than fucking wilton...GREAT FUCKING GOAL IN LIFE, GIVE UP YOU FAGGOTS,I'M THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN ACHIEVE IT!
omg urban dictionary wow something to do with our waste-of-time lives beside sit around and get high and drunk!!! YAY
(JK party at my house later...call my cell)
by nick discala April 13, 2005
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