Extremely beautiful and wealthy place. The schools are New Canaan High School, St. Lukes, Saxe, etc. Very beautiful schools. Many peoples dream to live in New Canaan. Lots of attractive, athletic, and smart people. The town is where everyone goes to hang out. The towns awesome!! Soo many parties at the high school and Saxe. The moms are usually driving there mercedes and Yukons, with blonde hair, and a perfect face. The dads are usually gone all day working in NYC, either taking a train or limo to work everyday. The kids usually party a lot (like to much haha). To be cool you have to be attractive, wealthy, athletic, and all around perfect. New Canaan is filled with nice and caring people but don't get on their bad side or soon you'll be sitting on the side of the street everyday begging for your life back. They make the O.C look pathetic, cause of the drama in the schools. The people are usually sweet but scandalous. Everyone knows everyones secrets even if you didn't tell them.. yeah word gets around. If you cross them they'll reveal them. Yeah, don't mess with them. People tend to drink a lot. Theres always a party going on in New Canaan and if you're not invited I'm sure your friends will fill you in... Don't be shy in New Canaan or else no one will know who you are, unless your the shy, pretty, attractive, athletic, wealthy, and perfect new girl or guy. Don't worry New Canaan doesn't bite.
by dforeffort April 13, 2013
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City of the rich spoiled children, not the real world, not the real life, don't even try to speak with one of them, they won't even look at you...Know these two spoiled, fucking hot girls ? Nickname : the B... And the D... One of them is French (the B...), kind of rich spoiled over confident girl but REALLY fucking hot...I'm sure Teddy knows her...What's life for B and D (= M...and L...)? Hot week- ends in L.A ( Beverly Hills, of course ),hanging out in the hottest clubs, getting drunked, spending money, LOT OF money, attending the most private and selective universities in the country and OF COURSE, most expensive ones, wearing expensive clothes, driving expensive cars, getting drives in luxury limos, driving ALL men crazy in love with them ( once again, the French one is REALLY hot, she doesn't even look at me...I'm so mad and so jealous...Mike, I hate you, I'm sure you're f... her). Anyway, if you wanna see them and if you get lucky, they are sometimes hanging out in New Canaan ( or they stay in L. huge Mansion )...when they are not in L.A, N.Y.C or Palm Springs...They just have all, money, beauty, Ivy League colleges, they just have the life we're all dreaming of...
New Canaan = East Coast 90210 = all Republicans
by Coke'n May 16, 2007
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Yes, New Canaan is home of "The Gang", a group of juniors who actually really just want to keep to themselves and don't give a shit what the rest of the school thinks.
If you have such a problem with the things they say, stop listening since I'm sure they didn't want you there anyway.
by suck it, herewego roms April 03, 2005
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All the teenagers in New Canaan need to find a real place to hang out, besides that run down variety store, Mackenzies. People in New Canaan would never stoop down to being NORMAL and go hang out at the Mobil directly across the street like most teenagers do. No, they need to stand outside a variety store in their pink and green outfits (that don't match, i don't care what anyone says) and act like total asswipes.
Its actually kind of funny to those of us who don't live in the "most dangerous place to drive" in the world. Beware of moms in SUVs that don't know how to drive... they are all over the place in New Canaan. Oh, and make sure you don't hit some moron walking in the middle of the road. People in New Canaan are to good for crosswalks.
I live in New Canaan, therefore, i suck and my clothes don't match and always look wrinkled.
by Torri March 05, 2006
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candace is the shit and everyone loves her
.....the people who are making fun of her are actually atrocious disgusting guys covered in pimples or pre-pubescent hairs on thier faces that get no pussy so they sit at home on thier computers and write out shit on some website because they have no dick and arent man enough to say it to peoples faces....
New canaan really needs to grow up and get a grip because NC isn't reality
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First off, i would just like to say that if you think about it, Candace is pritty hot, i love her ways, i love her hair. also, i made out with Grumbles, a homosexual graduated faget one night in town, CANDACE_CALL ME!!!!
"Candace, you want to hang out"
"Is this Ryan Shea"
"yeah, every other boys thinks im ugly, SURE!"
by Ryan Shea April 18, 2005
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