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A term for when person becomes overly obsessed or obsessive with
A) turning a new leaf in life
B) starting a new life

All due an incarceration (jail, prison)

Very similar as a mid life crisis

Obsessive enough burn bridges, destroy/ end relationships with others. Enough to divorce or break up with lovers or partners. Possible family

Obsessive enough to sell or donate all there possessions so they can acquire new ones.

Obsessive enough to move far far far from the place he got caught possibly leaving the country

All in the name of starting over

Note it can be temporary or permanent
Man:" ken just blew me off. He says he wants a new life. Say he cant be around any of us.
Man2: hes going through the motions of new suit syndrome and is odd are right now leaving one or anything he ever had.
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by Theamazinggeek March 10, 2018
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