When a person asks you a question you don't want to answer you say "new phone, who dis" to avoid answering. From vine Wellington Boyce.
Side chick: babe

You: Wuts up ?
Side chick: I love you;)
You: new phone, who dis?
Side chick: what!?
by jutn July 7, 2015
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A polite way to say fuck off when approached with a text containing a bad idea.
Group chat: Anyone up for a run friday night?
Member: New phone, who dis?
by cvec22 May 6, 2019
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1. A common response when getting a text from an unknown number. Can be used even if your phone isn't new.
2. Using the above tactic to belittle someone you do, in fact, know.
3. A title of a diss track from an episode of You're The Worst.
"hey i'm in town tonight! let's hit the clubs"
"new phone who dis?"

"i'm pregnant"
"uhhhh...new phone who dis?"

"Did you see last night's You're The Worst? My favorite part was when Sam rapped 'new phone who is.'"
"Such a great scene. We've all been there amirite?"
by suddenvalley November 16, 2015
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Slang phrase used on text to avoid conversations with:
1. Someone you owe money to.

2. An Ex lover.
3. Nagging wife.
4. Someone you embarrassed yourself to.
5. Annoying boss.
6. Nagging wife again
Landlord : Have you paid your rent?
Tenant : New phone who dis?
by Laquisha DeeVa January 9, 2018
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When you get a stroke of amazing luck when everything seems to be going desolate in your life.
New Phone--Who Dis? In a high school context.
Just when Danny boy thought he got a 60 on his math test, Mr. Tunik handed it back to him and said, "Danny boy--oh Danny boy." Singing with a nice symphony for the class to hear. Danny was afraid to even look at the test because he knew Mr. Tuink loved to troll everyone, so starting from the back page, Danny looked through every question to see where he lost points. Page-by-page, there were no red marks--or any negative marks for that matter. When Danny reached the front page it said, "See me after, class, I'm afraid you got everything wrong." Danny in disgust cocked his head back and let out a gasp as his life was passing him, since he was failing in school. His crush, Jennifer, looked over at him and told him she got a 5. She asked him if he was interested in forming a study group with her at her place once a week. Danny quickly told her, yes-- and once the class is dismissed, Danny walked out like a beast without talking to Mr. Tunik and said, "New phone--who dis!"
by DarkClent31 December 12, 2019
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