A person born or living in New Mexico
As I was traveling through Albequqwe we seen a couple of New Mexicans standing by the road
by Hudco October 8, 2013
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When your friend has an inherent advantage in online games due to living in New Mexico, where the servers are either closer, and so they lag less, or the servers are so far away that they can ignore the rules of time itself.
He only won because of The New Mexican Advantage.
by ygbyhb January 29, 2021
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The process of using mud as a lubricant during anal sex, and then once finished, using your Significant Other's hair as a wipe for it, then to finish it off, give them a rimjob.
Dude, last night was so wild, me and Laura got to try The New Mexican Nougat.
by JOHNNY JACKOOF January 26, 2018
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(1) An instance in which a person intentionally gags him/herself on their sexual partner's erect penis while performing fellatio - generally as part of a deepthroat, facefuck or, in some cases, the Brazilian Mongoose - in order to vomit on his groin and the surrounding area. (2) In abstract usage, an act that one must perform to fulfill a loathed obligation.
Get on your knees and give me a New Mexican Latte!

Jesus, my bitch gave me a New Mexican Latte last night!

Man, you got fucked, looks like you're going to be giving a shitload of New Mexican Lattes this week.
by Hegemon 1111 January 22, 2010
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a new mexican taquito is when a girl gives a guy a blow job and she bites down on it trying to get a bite of "the meat"
yum this dick is so good i just wanna bite it like a new mexican taquito!
by Mikejonson August 2, 2009
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Copious junk in the front yard of a home such as flower pots, wind chimes, childrens toys, washer/dryers, rusted out grills, piles of beer bottles and cans, garbage bags, and general litter that provide a crude home security device when a trespasser trips and falls making a load crashing sound alerting the homeowner.
Good thing we're poor white trash Leticia, or we wouldnt have the New Mexican burglar alarm that foiled the prowler who wanted our commerative plates.
by Crazy Daniel "Webster" November 2, 2006
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It's when two people are going at it doggie style, & the guy throws up all over the girl because he drank way too many Jäger bombs & played too much beer pong.
"The other night at Billys man, I got so chocolate wasted... I took this chick upstairs, & we were goin at it, I had her on her face. & right when she screamed my name, I puked right on the back of her head."
"Damn, you pulled a New Mexican college student."
"Fuckin' Jäger."
by Penny Faye October 22, 2011
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