Better than Australia. That's all you need to know, nah but really though, one of the most beautiful countries you will ever encounter. The nicest and most laid back people ever, who can actually take a joke and not get butthurt like the Aussies.
Example 1.
English men: Ever met a kiwi before?
Aussie: Fuck yeah, best cunts you'll ever meet.

Example 2.

Aussie: Fucken sheep shagger
Kiwi: Fucken aye, where do you think all your lamb comes from?

Aussie: .......
Kiwi: Straight from New Zealand, think about that when the gravy is running down your chin.
by Justakiwiinaus November 12, 2016
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A place where many, many people would like to go.... Reason why: It's beautiful, and Lord of the Rings was filmed there.
"Would it not be awesome to go to New Zealand?"
by Heather December 09, 2004
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A pretty darn groovy country which by reputation pushes well above it's weight. Rolling green hills,vast golden beaches ,dramatic volcanic plateau(sp?), snow capped mountains, majestic rainforests, towering fiords-New Zealand personifies diversity, both in appearance and communtity, with a fine mix of Maori (indigenous people), Pakeha( White people), Pacific islanders and and many more. People are reputedly amoungst the freindliest in the world and as said the lifestyle easy very chilled-although it has to be said the stereotype of kiwis being backwards is a complete myth. As a nation we're thoroughly commited, hard working, open minded and optimistic. Yes, we have a habit of travelling and extending our OE as it were but in hindsight we're not the bad

Tis also known to be the neighbour of Australia, and contrary to all the crap posted on this page, the anzac alliance still holds strong yet some people take this 'freindly squabbling' to extremities.

Kia Ora

Being a kiwi ain't so bad infact it aint so bad at all.....I love New Zealand

PS: Keep supporting the Allblacks!
by Kiwiana September 01, 2005
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A beautiful country in the Pacific Ocean. The air smells so fresh its almost sweet. Everywhere you go people smile at you and greet you, they make you feel welcome. Once you leave New Zealand you crave it and feel a deep urge to go back.
Man I dream about New Zealand every night
by galpalkyl101 December 14, 2015
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A land of beauty in the South Pacific. New Zealand is without an army but it does not need one for they are not pissing off everyone with their arrogance. It's people are generally more laid back than Aussies although they are pretty laid back also most of the time. One more thing New Zealand is still to get over it's cultural cringe which is causing this "hatred" towards Australians.
New Zealand is still beautiful.
by flightguy May 02, 2005
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A Twitter Phannie (Dan and Phil fan), @moonrisedjh , posted a tweet with the caption “dan: im gay

phannies, ex phannies and random people:” referencing dan’s coming out video. Instead of attaching the right picture, she accidentally added a picture of New Zealand. Now people use it as a reaction picture.
“When you realise Dan and Phil shit in the same toilet so their asses have kissed picture of New Zealand
by phannieeeeeee July 02, 2019
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A country near the pacific islands which is the 2nd least corrupt government, we actually have fresh air and no wild predators (must be strange for Australians), almost everywhere you go is scenic plus we are known for our friendliness. New Zealand is a wonderful place and I know it’s annoying that you might have to go near or over the hell hole they call Australia but NZ is worth it.
Person 1 - Where should I go for my holiday?

Person 2 - New Zealand, Obviously
by Charlotte 432 January 08, 2019
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