consits of three islands.
the most important being north and south. we do have this other place called west island but lots of australians live there so we try not to mention it
new zealand......this is just fun you know
by blah blah blah blah x10 September 08, 2006
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A gorgeous country full of talented people, who don't kiss USA ass like Aussies do. It's not actually in Europe, as is widely believed, sadly, it's in close proximity to Australia.

We are the first country to fly (NOT USA, RETARDS), to climb Mt Everest, and to give women the vote.
New Zealanders Who Australia Has Laid Claims To (Pathetic):

Keisha Castle-Hughes
Michael Campbell
Phar Lap
Split Enz
The Inventer of the Pavlova

by Tiffi August 30, 2005
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An all right country, as far as I'm concerned. I'm Australian and no matter what I'll always love Australia 1000 times more than NZ, because we're a sunburnt country, Tourists may say NZ has far prettier scenery but you have to be Auzzie to understand the beauty of an orange desert meeting a clear deep blue sky. Also most tourists are from green countries, so seeing a beautiful untouched NZ forrest would seem far more appealing than a culture shock from grey green dry bush of Australia (which may I add is 1000 times better than an NZ forrest- lol). But thats my opinion.
I think it's cool that you guys have developed a culture of your own- like the haka (I still giggle when I see it though-lol). But don't say Australians haven't, our culure is fun loving and bbqs, some may say that anywhere in the world has that, but Australias will always be better.
I know NZ celebrities get labled as Auzzie, but to tell you the truth I think it's because the media is too stupid to know the difference so they chose the better known country.
Also, do not say Australia is rasist, I am half Phillipino and have never had a hurtful comment. Other than the occasional 'Phillipino driver' joke, but I like the way we joke about ourselves and if anyone finds that offensive- well losen up.
I don't mind NZ but Australia has the better accent!!! LOL.
Say it with me "I would like to have six fish" not "I would like to have sex fush"
Why can't New Zealanders say the letter 'i'?
by Sam the Koala November 27, 2006
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A(nother) tropical island overrun by marsupials, tarantulas & people deluded enough to think Russel Crowe is something to be proud of.

Or was that the Australian? (I'm sure they're significantly different)

...Then again, LoTR had some hot malebeasts, and I'm quiet now.
...Or was this a sample of satirical mockery from Australia to New Zealand? It isn't nice to play the America of the southern hempisphere.

Really can't cope with the Russell Crowe thing.
by whatever. Me. October 04, 2006
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When a man or women kills an animal while hunting, then proceeds to engage in sexual acts with the corpse.
Jack took the gazelle down with one shot then a had a great new zealand safari
by BChewalski November 16, 2009
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The act of waking up in the morning next to a sheep and bum fucking it until it produces enough milk to fill a cup of coffee.
John Key: We have a new initiative for solving NZ poverty. We'll be supplying New Zealand breakfast to decile 3 schools.

John Key: So what did you have for breakfast Tamati?

Tamati: Ae i hadd ae New Zealnd brekfst dox.
by Anil Jashari October 14, 2013
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This place is hidden by the government due to fear of the bad publicity it will bring the nation of New Zealand, and the world as a whole. Details are very skechee about exactly what goes on there, but listed are some quotes from escapees. "It is an awful, awful place. I am sorry, I cannot talk any more about it." "I was raped by my family every night for 19 years, how the (Expletive Deleted) do you think I feel about the place." "No Comment." "There is no good, only evil."
Dismembered bodies
Fordell, New Zealand
by The Mayor of Fordell. July 01, 2011
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