consits of three islands.
the most important being north and south. we do have this other place called west island but lots of australians live there so we try not to mention it
new zealand......this is just fun you know
by blah blah blah blah x10 September 08, 2006
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A gorgeous country full of talented people, who don't kiss USA ass like Aussies do. It's not actually in Europe, as is widely believed, sadly, it's in close proximity to Australia.

We are the first country to fly (NOT USA, RETARDS), to climb Mt Everest, and to give women the vote.
New Zealanders Who Australia Has Laid Claims To (Pathetic):

Keisha Castle-Hughes
Michael Campbell
Phar Lap
Split Enz
The Inventer of the Pavlova

by Tiffi August 30, 2005
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A small group of islands located in the Pacific ocean and known for its massive population of sheep and friendly rivalry with Australia. New Zealand is run by a supposedly democratic government which sometimes consists of corrupt or stupid politicians e.g. David Cunliffe and Judith Collins. Teenagers ( and sometimes adults) often use the term 'bro' (sometimes mispronounced bra) which they refer to as mate/friend/pal etc. New Zealanders are known for their passion for rugby and ingenuity. Despite house prices skyrocketing, drug problems and too many car accidents because of tourists New Zealand is still a great, safe(mostly) country to live in without the worry of drive by shootings(except that one time), riots and corrupt police.
New Zealand is a great place to live despite corrupt politicians and tourists that cannot drive safely without killing someone.
by All the good names are taken. February 23, 2015
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New Zealand is a nice little country. It is the best country at the sport rugby you know the sport that is for real people not for sook losers who wear guards all over their bodies and helmets, rugby players only get a mouth guard. The country is competitive with australia at basically everything and kiwis often get mistken for austraila since the flag is so damn similar. Nz got smart people.... And other stuff, not the most unique place but is pretty sweet, also basically everyone says "Yeah Nah" as well as alot of other different slang...
Person 1: Are you from New Zealand
Person 2: Yeah nah....
by Askingme January 25, 2015
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A pretty good country, with the exception of wannabe gangsters, and the National party. XD

Is also small, and not many people from other countries know very much about NZ.
And no, noone screws sheep -.-

NZ has like, the best rugby players in the world, lol
And some shitty place called the Beehive (lol, parliament)
Sir Edmund Hillary was from NZ, he was the first dude to climb mt Everest.
NZ is also home to Maoris, most of them are pretty awesome, there are a few who fall under the "wannabe gangster" category though. basically they are just like everyone else though, but they also have their own language, and they also created the "hāngi" which is like.. I cbf explaining, just look it up lol, but it is nice XD

Also I hear alotta people say random shit about Australia.. haha..
It's pretty stupid, there aint even any need for it, maybe they say something stupid like pavlova comes from there, and that we shag sheeps (omg seriously fucking, nobody NOBODY does that -.-) but noone has to retalliate, eventually if we stop saying stuff like that, they probably would too.. it's not like everyone means it when they say some of these things, but it offends some.. so yeah. lol

ohh and there is also 3 islands, The North Island, The South island, and Stewart Island.

Pavlova is nice... NZ cooking is ftw!

And incase anyone is wondering, we have proper houses, we don't live in little straw huts or anything like that, lol

Also it is pretty good for tourism. If you come over you can find out for yourself XD

Yeah maybe this is a terrible description of NZ but now you know some pretty random things XD

lol, merry christmas =D
by lolololXD December 23, 2008
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No one on here is saying Australians are gay, the fact is some Australians (and people in every other country) are arseholes. New Zealand was actually a colony of Britain not Australia, but with Australia as the big brother it administered New Zealand for a bit. And no it was not a Fourth of July style breakaway. Come Waitangi, New Zealand became a seperate colony. That happened in 1840. And while the two nations are a lot like each other, there are a number of subtle differences, however, this should not stop them from getting on.
Oz and New Zealand will never stop taking the piss out of each other, but when required, the two of them can knuckle down and get on with each other. That is why both of them are so effective as individual nations.
by Paul Ward April 28, 2007
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An all right country, as far as I'm concerned. I'm Australian and no matter what I'll always love Australia 1000 times more than NZ, because we're a sunburnt country, Tourists may say NZ has far prettier scenery but you have to be Auzzie to understand the beauty of an orange desert meeting a clear deep blue sky. Also most tourists are from green countries, so seeing a beautiful untouched NZ forrest would seem far more appealing than a culture shock from grey green dry bush of Australia (which may I add is 1000 times better than an NZ forrest- lol). But thats my opinion.
I think it's cool that you guys have developed a culture of your own- like the haka (I still giggle when I see it though-lol). But don't say Australians haven't, our culure is fun loving and bbqs, some may say that anywhere in the world has that, but Australias will always be better.
I know NZ celebrities get labled as Auzzie, but to tell you the truth I think it's because the media is too stupid to know the difference so they chose the better known country.
Also, do not say Australia is rasist, I am half Phillipino and have never had a hurtful comment. Other than the occasional 'Phillipino driver' joke, but I like the way we joke about ourselves and if anyone finds that offensive- well losen up.
I don't mind NZ but Australia has the better accent!!! LOL.
Say it with me "I would like to have six fish" not "I would like to have sex fush"
Why can't New Zealanders say the letter 'i'?
by Sam the Koala November 27, 2006
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