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(so named because fitness plans/programs, even those taken as new years' resolutions, often go unresolved):

a comical name for a new years resolution (s) that go 'unresolved' for at least a year being taken.
Conversation a week before St Valentine's 2013:

boy 1) my twin sister is in tears, because she wanted you, you twit, to ask her out and you still didn't.

boy 2) oops! sorry completely put that New Years resolution from 2012 on the back burner and forgot about it.

boy 1) you'd better move that resolution of yours back to the front burner again. My sister doesn't have the time to wait for your resolution to become so cold it'll turn into a New Year's fitness plan.

boy 2) or else what? IMHO, she'll run out of tears?

boy 1) yup just about right.
by sexydimma December 31, 2012
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