Drunk & hungover, at daylite you realise you stayed up too late Your toungue tastes like rats walked on it. Even if you have a job, you've got 1 day to get some rest before your next holiday off - Memorial Day. Your friends text/ring your cell but it clangs like last nights pots & pans. You absolutely do not want runny eggs for breakfast with this stranger you slept with, whose name you can't remember, who snuggles up to your sticky body. You wince at all the promises of love forever you made just to have sex. Here's your resolution - you resolve to slip out of bed as quietly as you can so you can get out the door and puke. You'll stop drinking/drugging one day, but that day's not today, is it?
by svetlanunobtainable January 01, 2012
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The day marking the beginning of a new year in which many people get drunk and party. They also believe this day to be a new beginning to become a new person. This day also marks the beginning of the yearly struggle where you write the wrong year when you date your papers. New Years Day is January 1 oof each year.
It's New Years Day! I plan to lose weight this year, that is, after I party with my friends tonight. Or maybe I'll start the next day...I'll start next week. A good New Years Revolution, right?
by LlovelyLlama June 06, 2015
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New Year's Day is a kick-ass metal band that began in 2005 and their fame has only evolved since. The bands recent album titled unbreakable was released on April 26th, 2019. In November of 2018, their first at the time debut single was released, this particular track is what paved their way to mainstream recognition as it was their first radio song. The band consists of vocalist; Ash Costello, Lead guitarist; Nikki Misery, Also on guitars; Frankie Sil, Bassist; Austin Ingerman and Drummer; Dio Britto.
Man, are you familiar with the metal band, 'New Years Day'?

New Year's Day's album "Unbreakable" is seriously their best work yet.
by Ultraviolenthoe June 16, 2019
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