A land of great evil. Also known as one the most stinkiest places in all of man kind. One day I decided that I would have to travel through the land of great evil. Little did I know what great evil lied in it. First, as I was driving I noticed that all of my fellow car drivers were extremely bad at driving. This is one of the first things that one encounters in the land of evil. Second, I decided that I would get a bite to eat for the rest of my journey. Little did I know that in the towns it is full of Mall after Mall after Mall to infinity. Culture is extremely rare in this cursed land. From what I could see the land of New Jersey, it might as well been named Caucasia. When I finally exited the cursed land I sighed in relief.
"No man go in those waters; no man come out"
by Mateo February 28, 2005
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newark and camden.
"if you drive through one-a dem towns, y'all getcha self shot.", "'yo' that place is whacked" and many other references are a little TOO unrealistic...
point blank: if you new yorkers think that either newark or camden isnt a safe place to live, you OBVIOUSLY havent been to one of the most dangerous places to live in YOUR OWN STATE,

Bedford-Stuyvesant (also known as Bed-Stuy)

that particular place earned it's own line in a song about a crazy man. (yay)
---Ive been stranded in the combat zone,
I walked through bedford sty alone,
Even rode my motorcycle in the ra-in.
And you told me not to drive,
But I made it home alive,
So you said that only proves that Im in-sa-ne.
(corus)---- by billy joel

besides, dont you have anything better to do than trash our state? i mean, COME ON!
yay... there really is no 'example' of new jersey, it is what it is: the best damn place you could ever hope to live.
by Kiori May 19, 2008
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An east coast state that will one day like detach itself from the US; probably because its stink will push it from its spot within the earth. This would be advantageous to PA, as it would have its own shoreline and be rid of most of Jersey's horrible drivers.
PA Driver: "Sorry I'm late. I kept getting stuck behind New Jersey drivers who cut me off, almost crashed into my car, and then proceeded to drive 10 miles under the speed limit.

PA Shore-Lover: "It's awfully nice out; too bad I don't want to go to the shore enough to have to drive an hour through New Jersey."
by Dego Mama July 21, 2005
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Q: Why are New Yorkers so depressed?

A: Because the light at the end of the tunnel is New Jersey.

New Jersey is the "garden state", where the fuck are the gardens??? If you live on the border of New York/New Jersey and you can operate a car, you are FUCKED ! Whoever is smart enough to give these people license FUCK YOU! Because I promise that everyone drives at least 20 miles per hour below the speed limit. My overall consensus is New Jersey needs :
A) A shit load of frebreeze
B) A few buildings taller than 100 ft.
C) Better bitches on the beaches
D) All of the Above

The correct answer is :

"Holy shit Brian did you see that Jersey girl?"
"Oh you mean that hooker?"

"Dude, you smell like shit. Did you take a shower today?"
"Yea, but then I went through New Jersey."
by fuckthemotherfuckinnj July 03, 2009
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The most depressing place in the world. nothing to do, nowhere to go, and no one to like.

i hate it. and so do like, a million people. who would come here?
new jersey is the most depressing state in the world!! lets all go move to cali!!
by ihatejersey April 04, 2009
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The best place in America. There is a lot to say about New Jersey, some good, some bad. We are the most stereotyped state, stereotypes that are so untrue it's pathetic.

We say fuck a lot, but who gives a shit. We are proud.

We don't fuckin smell. We smell like trees not much else.
Sure Newark and Camden are messed up, but the rest of the state is all rich suburbia.

Sure there are douches and skanky girls, but that's only in seaside heights, which is a small 1 percent majority. And talk to those people, you At least get respect.

There's always a diner and a mall within Ten minites. It's the perfect life. I certainly cannot complain.

People say we are fast. The rest of America is just fucking slow. We like it that way.

before you go insulting our state, remember we repeatedly rank as one of the safest, smartest, and richest states in the US.

So keep your head up high Jersey. We are, and always will be, the best
New Jersey- the best fucking place in America
by AirGordon June 12, 2013
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