New Jersey Sauna-n. The after effect of taking an enormous dump in the toilet while someone is showering (doing it during prevents the SOB from flushing that shit torpedo). Turn off the bathroom ventilation and close the any windows. The dooky monster in the toilet is not flushed, rather, it is left so the steam from showering brings out the fullness of said thumper dumper and maximizing its aromatic properties. The steam and poo makes something reminiscent of a sauna in New Jersey.

*Note: for best results New Jersey Sauna should be done on a hot humid August night. Or after the consumption of any gut busting, anus destroying foods.
Suppose youre over at a friends for the night and you want to have a laugh, why not give them a New Jersey Sauna! Sneak into the bathroom just after he/she started to shower and take a massive dump. MAKE SURE THE FAN IS OFF and Dont flush, just let it simmer. The combination of steam and heat will enhance the poop smell and make them think they are in New Jersey on a hot summers night, which is awful.
by The Real PCT December 9, 2009
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