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A small suburb located in Central New York.

Within the small town there are three points of interest:
1)The New Hartford High School
2)The Sangertown Mall
3)Marquee Cinemas
....and thats it.

The kids at the high school are typically classified as stuck-up rich bitches. Usually the kind of kids that think their shit doesn't stink and never have the balls to the things they preach about the hallways.
-NH Student #1: "I can't believe what that kid is going around saying about me being a pothead!"

-NH Student #2: "You only smoke it on the weekends!... that doesn't make you a pothead. You should kick his ass!"

-NH Student #1: "Yeah! I'm gonna kick that little faggot's ass!"

REALITY: The student from New Hartford, NY ends up pushing the kid talking about him out of the way and gives him a dirty look. Later that night he goes on Facebook and posts about how he's gonna kick the kids ass the next day, but never does...THE END.
by asd;kfjlk;as November 14, 2010
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