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One's first homosexual act that takes place as a result of one or more parties being under the influence of crack, cocaine, heroin, or any other hard drug. This act must be between partners of the same sex, it must be the first time performing a homosexual act for one of them, it must be consensual, one or more of the parties may or may not be a homosexual, often it is interracial, and it is frequently brief and dissatisfying. This act ranges from oral sex to a handjob to anal sex. Often times the giver of the Nervous Sanchez is a privileged white person seeking to rebel.
Timothy was so high he gave Jay'qwan a Nervous Sanchez right outside .

Man, I walked in on Emily and Maria doing the Nervous Sanchez... It was so hot but they'll regret it in the morning.

I don't know how to tell you this, dude, but Josh gave me a Nervous Sanchez in the parking lot besides Sears last night. I knew I shouldn't have gotten high with him!
by nervousanchez July 11, 2011
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