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A Minecraft YouTuber that touts his family friendly content. Seems very innocent to the untrained eye, but stay well away. He hates gay people purely because of his religious beliefs, is a Hitler apologist because he claimed that Hitler was saved and went to heaven despite committing a mass genocide, degrades and calls black people animals, forces everyone to be nice to him, is a genuine incel creep who can only get virtual lego pussy on Minecraft and so will prey on other girls, advocates for people to starve to death, and verbally harasses people he doesn’t like by calling them mentally broken sadist maniacs who were beaten by their fathers when they were young.
Hello world, it’s NerdieBirdie! He’s here to whip all you fangirl slaves into obedience!”
by disgruntled_birdie April 20, 2018
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NerdieBirdie is a rising star on Youtube and is family friendly with content aimed towards gaming (Minecraft) and occasionally meaningful poems and songs. If you are looking for a fun gaming You-tuber without the cussing and dirty jokes, 100% would recommend. Overall a very nice person and does collabs with friends and explores very new ways of playing games and having fun on his channel.
Hello world, it’s NerdieBirdie!
by Kind truth July 05, 2018
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