nerds who sit in trees close to a persons wifi network and steal his bandwith
my wireless network is so slow have you checked for tree nerds lately?
by lkymky April 23, 2008
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A person that is trash at fortnite and spends all his time on the game and is a sweaty try hard
by Brooks XD January 19, 2019
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Book smart meets street smart; the nerd gangsta is the ultimate combination for a couple of reasons:

You can call your gangster friends to beat the crap out of another nerd that may have stole one of your yugioh cards

You can call one of your nerd friends to back you up in a logical argument against some gangster claiming that he can shoot two people with the same bullet OR you can ask your nerd friend to help you perform the correct calculations so that you can receive your daily fix of marijuana for the lowest price possible so that you don't get ripped off

Your clothes can range from baggy jeans/bandanas to knitwear/pocket protectors, providing you with the ability to blend in to practically any crowd

You can cuss out your teachers whilst still maintaining an average grade of 96.7% on your report card

You can apply the skills you learned in Chemistry class to open up your very own meth lab and sell the finest crystal meth possible to all your gangster friends

You can use your computer skills to hack into government databases/perform credit card fraud efficiently

And the best part; women love bad boys who also have a soft side to them.
How is he able to smoke weed and get good grades? He must be some kind of nerd gangster.
by Nerd Gangsta January 29, 2015
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Derived from force majeure. The irresistible compulsion (exclusive to otaku and other nerds) to correct, or at least point out, inconsequential petty mistakes or inconsistencies in language, reproduction or representation.
My overwhelming desire to be pedantic with this Urban Dictionary entry is a result of nerd majeure.


I am compelled by nerd majeure to point out that in frame 3754 of (random anime movie), the alien's third tentacle has no shadow.
by ithcy February 16, 2006
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n. The bizarre contortions that are performed by tech support people to get at hard-to-reach equipment. Often practitioners surprise observers because they appear otherwise incapable or averse to any physically strenuous activity.
User #1: Did you get your mouse working again?
User #2: Turns out it was just unplugged. The IT guy came up and did a little Nerd Yoga to get it back in.
User #1: That guy can really bend himself into weird shapes.
User #2 True dat.
by ctrlU March 29, 2010
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A comic nerd is a person who is obsessed with comic books and going to comic conventions. These type of people have no problem with cosplay when going to a convention. They often like to wear comic t-shirts such as "Fantastic four" "hulk" "Spiderman" and "Doctor who". They love comics and you mostly always see them reading one. Mostly all of them own over a hundred comic books...they just cant get enough of them.
comic nerd, comic nerd books, comic nerd anime, cartoon comic nerd , cosplay comic nerd , superhero comic nerd, comic nerd strips.
by TheRobotNeRd August 14, 2010
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Any person seen as cool and hip by his/her peers but secretly enjoys doing nerdy things that "cool" people frown upon.
Person 1>Man, that guy is so freakin cool.
Person 2>He's a closet nerd, he plays D&D and MTG with my friends and me every weekend.
Person 1>No way...
by Conar101 November 11, 2005
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