cook it nerd loosera funny thing to say to your buds. cook it means to cook and consume your dog or feline companion. an nerd looser is just a name for a dumb ass. like honestly they should die. they love k pop and should die. ugh they are also gay and gay is gay so....
cook it nerd looser, i hope your dog dies
by oh hello there buddy October 22, 2019
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Some one that's cringe asf and hangs out at the collage by KHS
Did you see that fucken cottage nerd sitting there all by himself.
by betyoureayear9fag January 8, 2020
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someone who listens to a fuck ton of country music and knows all of the classic redneck tunes
Person 1: Hey did you listen to the Trace Atkins ep? Oh and the new Old Dominion singles. Also did you hear that Jon Pardi is releasing Tequila Little Time as a single?

Person 2: stfu stop being such a country nerd
by broskita December 20, 2020
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A creative nerd is someone who plays fortnite and grinds 20 hours in a gamemode called creative. You'll see them crank 50 90s. if u encounter one run
Person 2: Thats a creative nerd
by A gay boy version965 December 7, 2021
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Seen as uncool in high school in the 90s. Popular people picked on Drama Nerds for being different and artsy. Sometimes when they grow up they become famous actors.
I am a drama nerd. Most of my friends where actors at Garfield Highschool, but most of my friends became famous and they are in California and they left me behind. I don't know If I'll ever grow. I think it's because I haven't matured yet because I'm a slow to mature. Also I forgot about my past and a popular girl lied to me and said I was popular so she could pretend to be a drama nerd. But actually I can't change who I am.
by ForgottenPast October 12, 2018
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A tech teacher who has a grey beard and smells like fish.
Jimmy stop being a Fat Sweaty Nerd and sit up bitch.
by Poopy696969 November 11, 2019
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to sit in on the floor of a corridor at a web conference checking your email on the conference wifi.
floor nerding is much seen at the South By South West conference.
by Richard Pope March 10, 2008
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