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"Ner Ner Ner" is what it sounds like when a liberal spouts their daily whine about how Obama isn't the ominipotent overlord they imagine the president to be, or when a republican politician opens their mouth about anything.

When an argument in a debate is ill-thought-out, tired, already been beat or clearly parroted from/informed by a cultish devotion to the politics of a particular opinion setter. like Bill Maher or Matt Stone and Trey Parker. Also, Glenn Beck, with the note that he is way, way worse than Bill, Matt, or Trey.

It's also the desperate sound of a bad argument being repeated louder after it's been beaten.
"If we raise taxes it punishes the job creators. Ner ner ner."

"Ner ner ner, life begins at conception."

"Ner ner ner! Where's the blowjob robots Obama promised me?"
"Obama's actually kind of accomplished a lot, like environmental regulation and presidential orders that..."
by Michael Gagne August 18, 2011
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