This line is used for the exaggerated description of a dramatic turn of events in a moment of ones life.

"Nek minute" is often used in a way that leaves the end of the story open, meaning the listener is left to only presume what had happened, though it's not always used like this.

Also the person enlightening you with their wonderful story can replicate what happened themselves.

Can be also pronounced/spelled as "nek minnit", "neg minute"
"She said she was on the pill.. nek minute"

"He said he loved me.. nek minute"

"I told her it tastes like candyfloss.. nek minute"

"She disagreed with her husband.. nek minute"

"Doesn't matter if you're black or white.. nek minnit"

"I ate Mexican this morning.. nek minute I was shitting piss"

"I watched Seizure Robots.. nek minute" *reinacts seizure*

"I started watching a movie with Tom Cruise in it.. nek minute" *reinacts shooting self in the FACE*
by Schwit September 2, 2011
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'Next minute' said with an accent. Used to express a sudden dramatic turn of events.
Left my scooter outside the dairy. Nek Minute... *destroyed scooter lying on the ground*
by Anonymousprogramer September 5, 2011
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a funny phrased used when something happens next minute
nek minute
by jimmy stevan October 26, 2016
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