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The Upper Peninsula of Michigan's largest contributor to underage pregnancies. Attend a party anywhere in Marquette county and you can spot a Negaunee alumni when they will be talking the most shit the entire night. This will always be immediately followed by said person getting their ass stomped in as a result of being the pinnacle of hatred for all other surrounding U.P. areas.

Home of the miners. Also home to many seemingly well, yet under-educated individuals as a result of their school system not forcing their students to take the M.E.A.P.'s like most other area high schools, therein resulting in good M.E.A.P. scores.

Negaunee High School girls will be covered in eyeliner and spray tans and the boys will be wearing 59/Fifty hats and polo shirts. Don't be fooled, they cannot drink more than you.
Jake: What's the difference between a chick from Negaunee High School and a raccoon digging in someones trash?
Erick: There's a difference?
by jackass1821 June 23, 2011
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