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A girl, usually between the ages of 13 and 17 that squeals over nazis. They could be attracted to a certain nazi, a few nazis or in some cases everything that has a penis and is wearing a nazi uniform. Most of them live in the US and there are almost none in Germany. see Nazi Fetish There are 3 types of nazi fangirls

1- Uneducated Fangirls
Fangirls that claim theyre not neo nazis and are only into nazis because they like the uniforms. These species hate the real nazis and only like their nazi "OC"s which usually rip off Reinhard Heydrich. None of them show interest in the german language.

2- History geek fangirls

fangirls that actually bothered to do some research and fap to history books. They fantasise about pretty much every nazi out there and consider speech photos a turn on. Only some of them show interest in the german language while all the others do is rape it.

3- Obsessed Fangirls
fangirls that are obsessed with a certain nazi male and would do anything to be with him. This includes killing his already dead wife, because they dont feel like 'sharing'. These species know all about their 'historical bishie''s life "by heart" and are obsessed with the german language as much as theyre obsessed with their dead "crush"
1- Amanda: Hey jessie, look at my new nazi OC!
Jessie: Isnt that Reinhard Heydrich?
Amanda: huh? whos that?
Jessie: youre such an uneducated Nazi Fangirl

2- Sally: *fap fap fap* ooooooooooooh __________ _________ was soooooo hot!!! ach! ach!
Her Father: ...what the hell are you doing!?!?!?!
Sally: oh scheisse!

3- Kate: Yes! _____ ______ was soooo awesome! He was a sexy evil nazi boy 8

Her Mother: ...who?
by immayurdadlul February 16, 2010
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