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Nazareth Academy is an all girl school in Rochester, NY. All of the girls are either boring, stuck up, or losers. Nazareth changes principals at least once a year. Nobody really knows about Nazareth, and all of the boys at McQuaid, and everywhere else, but mainly McQuaid, thinks they are lesbians. There's actually like 7 lesbians in that school out of 200 students. The school is probably the smallest high school in Rochester. Nazareth thinks it is rivals with Aquinas Institute, but really, it doesn't have a rival. Nazareth has a good dance program and a good curriculum, but that's about it. Nobody cares much about Nazareth because it is so small and the girls are bitches.
McQ boy 1: "That girl goes to an all girl school?"
McQ boy 2: "MERCY?!"
McQ boy 1: "No, this place called Nazareth Academy. I've never heard of it."
McQ boy 2: "There's two all girl schools?"
by fuck 'em April 18, 2009
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